If elected to represent District 1 on the County Council, I will focus on an array of issues. The first three priorities listed below represent my primary campaign themes, but you can also learn about my commitments to all of the issues on my radar below as well: 


Protecting Our Seniors’ Quality of Life

There are things we can — and must — do at the County level to improve the quality of life of our parents and grandparents.

Over 60% of the population in District 1 is part of the Baby Boomer Generation or older. Through thoughtful land use decisions, I will work to create a more inclusive environment for our aging residents by promoting exercise and recreation, more independence with aging in place, relief from excessive property taxes, promoting accessory in-law suites, encouraging participation in community activities, and creating opportunities for heightened social connections.

Read more about issues for today's aging members of the community at the National Council on Aging: https://www.ncoa.org/public-policy-actionLearn more about Age-Friendly Montgomery County by clicking here.



Attracting New Business to Montgomery County & Growing our Economy

We need to retain, not restrain business in the County.

Commerce is the County’s economic engine and generates much of our tax revenue. As a former small business owner, I know the difficult challenges an entrepreneur must meet to be successful. The County’s economic prosperity and stability depend on working closely with the various stakeholders such as the new Economic Development Corporation, the local Chambers of Commerce, WorkSource Montgomery, the County Planning Board and our municipalities to ensure Montgomery County remains a vibrant place to do business.  I understand how County government works and have deep relationships with government, civic and business leaders; and will be able to harness that knowledge to better the environment for small business here.



Balancing Growth

Decisions made in master plans and zoning affect our daily lives — traffic, transportation choices, schools, economic growth, environment, green space and housing. Balancing the way we grow so we may improve upon these problems is crucial for our future.

The people I talk to throughout our district tell me they’re frustrated, and issues like traffic, overburdened schools, and underwhelming economic growth are big parts of the reason why.  We will only succeed in tackling these challenges if we commit to growing smarter.  The current Council has proven unable to deliver the results that we deserve in our County.  It’s time for a change. As a County Council Member, I will bring an understanding of zoning, an education in Urban Planning as well as years of experience in land use. I am the only candidate running who, as a Mayor, has chaperoned a master plan through the county and municipal processes. I will engage communities and listen to their concerns. I will seek to build better consensus with neighborhoods and builders to achieve the best public amenities and the right mix of development that will not overburden our schools or our roads. Traffic congestion affects us all causing a negative impact on our daily lives. The solutions must be incremental, such as free bus fare for students during peak hours, County bus service for independent school students, employers implementing Metro incentives, telecommuting, and flexible work schedules. Careful coordination with our municipalities, the Planning Board and the School Board are essential in protecting our quality of life in Montgomery County. A delicate balance must be struck between the building industry and the needs of each community in District 1; be it Bethesda, Beallsville, Chevy Chase, Dickerson, Garrett Park, Kensington, Poolesville or Potomac.