I have been knocking on doors since last August. And a significant concern voters have shared is their frustration with overcrowded and underfunded schools. If I'm elected to the District 1 County Council Seat, I will introduce my school funding program called LERN (Local Education Resource Needs). Here's how it works:

At the community master plan stage, the number of new students generated from future development is estimated. The cost of the improvements (construction of new schools, additions, general costs) needed to mitigate student enrollment is determined. Take the improvement costs (numerator) and the number of new students (denominator) to arrive at a per student fee. A builder would then pay the County this fee BEFORE the occupancy permit is granted. For example, if a new residential complex in Bethesda is expected to generate 100 new students, a check is written for 100 times the per student fee. This is a win-win formula because the County/MCPS would have the funds UPFRONT to make needed improvements (not years later when the overcrowding exists), the cost is spread across the entire master plan area, and builders may do their fiscal analysis with more accuracy. This formula will work and the County taxpayers will bare zero new cost to implement it.

If you want a champion for education with,no nonsense solutions, I'm your candidate! I'm a lifelong Democrat, former MD Deputy Secretary of State, five time Mayor of Kensington, President of the Maryland Mayors' Association and a land use planner/engineer by education and profession. ENDORSED by great leaders and organizations.