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Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association

“Congratulations Mayor Pete Fosselman. The Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association (MCPSRA) is pleased to inform you that we are recommending you to our Membership as a candidate for whom to vote in the Primary Election this June 26th. You were part of a field of incredibly talented candidates. Your ideas, thoughtful responses and past work give us the confidence that you will be a terrific representative of the people of our organization and of Montgomery County.  Once again you have taken on this challenging responsibility and are to be commended. Again, thank you for participating and we look forward to working with you when you have been elected.”  — LeeAnn Kaye, MCPSRA Political Action Chair


Governor Martin O'Malley:

Mayor Pete Fosselman is the most qualified person in the race for County Council District 1.

Pete has unparalleled experience as a mayor, land use planner, small business owner and Maryland’s former Deputy Secretary of State.

Having over 20 years of professional land planning, Pete is uniquely qualified to tackle the balance of managing growth and maintaining the great quality of life in Montgomery County. He is the only candidate for District 1 who has successfully walked a master plan through the County approval process as a mayor. 

With an unknown and sensitive financial future, fiscal discipline is a necessity for the next Council. Pete is the only candidate for District 1 who has been responsible as a mayor for a large budget.

Fosselman is a lifelong Democrat and in this time of Republican attacks from Washington on immigration, women’s health, and climate change to name a few, Pete will stand strong and fight for our Democratic values.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Pete Fosselman for District 1 for Montgomery County Council on June 26th.


Martin O’Malley, 61st Governor of Maryland



Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Mayor Pete Fosselman for Montgomery County Council District 1,” said Victory Fund President & CEO Annise Parker. “Pete has been on the front lines advocating for Marriage Equality and Equal Rights. His commitment to balancing land use growth, attracting new and retaining existing business, and focus on the aging population makes him the best candidate for District 1. When Pete wins in June, he will become a vital LGBTQ voice.” 

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Dear Pete,

You have been given a 100% Pro-Choice Rating based upon your responses to our candidate questionnaire and your public position on our issues. We appreciate your commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice, and are proud to support your willingness to stand firm in protecting and advancing reproductive freedom in our state.

Best Regards,

Mark Stover
Chair, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC

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Mike Knaapen, President, LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County:

“I'm writing to you on behalf of the LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County to offer Pete Fosselman our endorsement in the 2018 primary election. We appreciate Pete's tireless commitment to advancing and protecting the interests and civil rights of Maryland's LGBTQ community.”


Congressman and Former Lt. Governor Anthony Brown:

“I've served with Pete while he was our Deputy Secretary of State and have seen firsthand how committed he is to the county he loves. Pete knows how to get things done — whether it's the important work he did to combat domestic violence and human trafficking or the service oriented work to drum up support for the Maryland Charity campaign. Pete gets it done!” 



State Senator Nancy J. King, Chair of the Montgomery County Senate Delegation

“Pete took the economic engine of Kensington and restarted it. He carefully and thoughtfully walked their master plan through the approval process and successfully lobbied us in Annapolis; to grant quasi-zoning authority and reverse the liquor laws for the Town. Today you can see the hard work Pete put into Kensington.”


Former Senator Laurence “Larry”  Levitan, Democrat, District 15:

“Pete and met when he was the Mayor of Kensington; and I later got to know him better in Annapolis, when he was the Deputy Secretary. Pete has had an impressive career and will serve Montgomery County well.”

Professor Michael McCurry, Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton

“Pete Fosselman is an exceptionally gracious and committed community leader.  He’s been a great Mayor in my hometown, Kensington, MD, and dealt with every imaginable issue from economic development to dog parks. His skill at bringing diverse groups together for a common purpose is exactly what we need to see as Montgomery County thrives and grows. Pete cares for each individual citizen, but also keeps his eye on those opportunities for broad engagement with companies and organizations that will continue to make our County a great place to call home and to do business.”


Mayor Jim Brown, Poolesville, MD

“I'm supporting Pete Fosselman because of his experience as a Mayor and he knows how to honestly and transparently govern. There are unique parallels between Kensington and Poolesville, and those parallels tell me he'll look after us; and be responsive and supportive to our needs. I have no doubt Pete will deliver.”



Mayor Tracey Furman, Kensington, MD

“Before becoming Mayor, I served on the Town Council with Pete. I witnessed firsthand his ability to listen to the community, lobby effectively in Annapolis, and bring the much needed economic change to Kensington.”


Mayor Peter Benjamin, Garrett Park, MD

I'm supporting Pete Fosselman for County Council in District 1. Pete has a stellar record as an elected official. He will serve us well on issues related to senior citizens, education, smart transit growth, and attracting new businesses to Montgomery County." [Mayor Benjamin is serving in his sixth term as the Mayor of Garrett Park. He has been contributing his talents to Montgomery County for decades, including helping people in disasters for the Red Cross and working in a soup kitchen. His experience includes being on the Garrett Park Town Council, President of the Citizens Association, and Chair of the Metro Board. Mayor Benjamin also did mission planning and crew training for all of the Apollo lunar landings. Pete is grateful for the Mayor's support and hopes to work with Mayor Benjamin in representing District 1.]


Mayor Kate Stewart, Takoma Park:

“Pete is the kind of leader we need on the Montgomery County Council. A leader who works to ensure residents' needs are met in the present and who at the same time, plans for a better future. A leader who listens and builds consensus to address challenges. As the Mayor of Kensington, Pete addressed the needs of residents by providing proactive leadership to create a thriving future. As the President of the State Mayor's Association, he led Mayors from across the state as we advocated in Annapolis. I look forward to seeing Pete continue leading on the County Council.”


Former Mayor and Friendship Heights Village Council Member, Dr. Clara M. Lovett:

“I am pleased to endorse Pete Fosselman’s candidacy for Montgomery County Council District #1. His background in urban planning, his contributions as Deputy Secretary of State, and his remarkable ten-year tenure as Mayor of Kensington are just what District #1 residents need.

Pete and I share several interests, among them efforts to fight human trafficking and domestic violence. As an educator and philanthropist, I appreciate especially his work in Annapolis to facilitate charitable giving by Maryland taxpayers. Pete’s experience in this realm could really make a difference now, with the number of people in need of assistance rising and state and county budgets under stress.

In his role as Mayor, Pete demonstrated an understanding that quality of life in established residential communities can only be sustained if thriving businesses pay taxes to support local services and amenities. I believe that several District #1 communities would benefit from the Kensington experience.

Pete appreciates the geographical diversity of District #1 and has the skills to listen to residents of diverse communities. His combination of policy-making experience and down-to-earth service to constituents are just what our District and County need.

Join me in voting for Pete in the June 26 primary election.”

Carolyn J. Shawaker, Former Mayor of Garrett Park

Hon. Molly Q. Ruhl (former Montgomery County Clerk)

Duchy Trachtenberg, Montgomery County Council


I happily endorse Pete Fosselman for County Council, District 1. Pete is a thoughtful and experienced community leader who gets the big picture. He understands how government works and he has a long history of effective and compassionate leadership in Kensington and beyond. I have no doubt that by electing Pete, our future would be placed in the caring and steady hands of a fine public servant, Pete Fosselman.



Town of Kensington Council Members:
Darin Bartram, Conor Crimmins, Sean McMullen, and Duane Rollins

Zena Polin, Owner of The Daily Dish (Silver Spring) and The Dish and Dram (Kensington)

“Everyday I strive to provide my customers with the best farm to table experience possible. The time and energy spent coordinating with small farmers and local produce auctions is paramount to the success of my small businesses. And, as a female business owner, I understand the important role women play in our local economy. I am supporting Pete Fosselman for District 1 County Council because of his record of accomplishments and vision for our community. District 1 contains one-third of the county's Agricultural Reserve, which was designed to help protect small farmers. Pete understands the importance of agricultural preservation and the positive impact female business owners have in our neighborhoods. I urge you to cast your vote for him this coming June.” 

Julie Verratti, Co-Founder of Denizens Brewing Company:

“Pete is everything the Democrats need today on the County Council because he is progressive where it matters most; he is pro-choice, a strong advocate for equal rights, a visionary for our County's first LGBT center, and a fighter for immigrant rights.  But what stands out most about Pete is his progressive background combined with his practical and business mindset that I believe will boost our local economy. This is a rare combination often lacking in Democratic politics that Pete brings to the table as a former Mayor and former small business owner. As a small business owner myself, I am confident that Pete understands what it takes to both empower our businesses and attract new county business, all while remaining a watchdog for our civil rights.”

Jeff and Barbara Black, Owners of Bethesda's Black's Bar and Kitchen and the Black Restaurant Group

“My wife and I have dedicated many years of hard work that produced a number of successful restaurants in our metro area, each carefully designed to serve the needs of local communities. Our county should remain a place that boosts our local economy by attracting new businesses and enriching the restaurant industry. Pete has the knowledge and fiscal responsibility to make this climate possible in District 1. His experience would serve the County Council well.”